Dell Monitor Website Scraping

I recently wanted to find data from Dell about Dell monitors so I went to to Dell’s online store and searched for monitors from 5 countries. This provided me with data directly from Dell that included monitor name, model, price and other information to analyze. However I discovered data quality issues on the web site […]

Wirebase – edge of network – ATM as wifi hotspot

Wirebase was a concept created in 2001 before broadbrand, wired or wireless was widely available. It was shopped around to a bunch of VC’s and potential investors ultimately got lost in the bubble crash.   A copy of the website (long since gone) is maintained at the Internet Archive: Our business plan and […]

Car2Go API web application

Car2Go has API available that can be used to view real time car and parking availability, as well as book reservations. I used the API to create the site. It’s a nice compact presentation of all of Car2Go cities the world over. Each city’s Car2Go service area that can be viewed on a Google […]

Welcome to Byzantium – Microsoft’s New BI Kingdom

There is no question that Microsoft’s new BI ecosystem promises to offer some great new functionality for Excel that extends its capabilities. However learning about all of the new stuff requires a not insignificant investment of time and effort. There are lots of moving parts! This BI ecosystem ranges across Microsoft’s cloud offerings including Office […]